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Creative Writing

Why Your Novel Outline Should Be Incomplete
The Steps Involved in Writing a Novel Outline That Works

There was a presence in the house

There was a presence in the house. Their face covered with shadows, leaving a sense of foreboding and doom in their wake. This presence followed me, endlessly, from room to room.
After a while, the presence began to moan and then one day, it sighed. I turned sharply.
“What? What’s the matter?”

It’s nothing personal

A few years ago, I had a go at this self-employment thing. I would land an interested potential client and set up a ‘call’. In the run up to the appointed time, I would fret, my stomach turning over and over with anxiety as I over prepared…

What happens when you ignore your only female advisor

The decision was probably made in seconds. As the wood of her ship, and the ships around her, splintered and broken apart. The screams of men mixed with the screaming of the wood, orders were yelled, panicked, words lost in the mayhem.

This was war but Artemisia had predicted this.

A reminder for myself (and you) when life gets low as a full-time writer

I wrote the original version of this article as a newsletter a few months ago, back when I was still running my newsletter for writers. …

And the folklore surrounding them

England is full of places that bear the Devil’s name. He seems to have enjoyed rollicking around the English countryside seeing what he could get away with and, as a result, there is folklore hidden in various parts of villages, towns, forests and nature reserves.

Why I unpublished a novella I released last year

Quick! Duck!
Cor, you were nearly hit by another article banging on about how to be more productive then. Don’t worry, I think the coast is clear.

For now.

Productivity articles are akin to ‘how to make thousands a month’ articles…

Writing a book isn’t for everyone

A while ago, I found my flailing around on the internet (never a good thing) with the sole purpose of wasting time so I couldn’t possibly do the work that would pay the bills.
I ended up on Medium, flicking through headline after headline of…

Six months of experimenting, royalties and a kick in the gut

There’s just no other way to start this story. I’m aware that a lot of articles start this way these days but…
Wasn’t 2020 a shocker!
It was a huge year of huge deeds and, it turns out, huge lessons. Including…

Put on your research hat, we’re going in

A couple of months ago, I was researching for my first full length romance book. I’m so used to writing fantasy that my usual research is always a little odd, such as injuries (what part of the spine needs to be injured…

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